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About StIELL


Our mission at Stanford's Identity, Engagement, and Learning Lab (StIELL) is to develop tools to support productive and inclusive collaborative mathematics problem-solving classrooms that foster conceptual understanding, strategic thinking, and mathematical dispositions across a diverse community of young learners.


StIELL has three specific areas of focus:

(1) developing and utilizing conceptual and analytic tools to capture the interplay between identity and learning processes in mathematics classrooms;

(2) supporting elementary school teachers’ capacity to foster productive, collaborative, and conceptually-oriented mathematics learning among linguistically and racially diverse students; and

(3) disseminating knowledge on the relations between learning and becoming in mathematics learning spaces.


Led by Dr. Jennifer Langer-Osuna, StIELL conducts classroom-based studies that examine key relationships between mathematics classroom interactions, learning opportunities, and processes of identification with mathematics.